Creative hair design, Hair cuts, fades, sculpture cutting, razor flow… A whirlpool of Classic barbering and clipper cutting techniques melded into an array of Men’s trend shapes and styles! Hybrid barbering at it’s finest! Tap into the world of barbering and master your craft at the elite level with internship opportunities on set with magazines, music videos, Tv Shows and more.

This course is recommended for individuals with prior experience in ladies hairdressing who want to develop a predominantly male clientele.




The History of Barber-Styling
Your Professional Image
Fundamentals of barbering
Analyzing different head shapes
Implements, Tools, Equipment
Tapper, and Fohawks
Combover and razor cutting
Hair cutting, hair styling (face and beard)
Tribal, swirls, portraits and 3d

40 hours

10 week courses
4 hours a day/once a week
Hands on trading with licensed instructors

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